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Dunaliella bardawil plant Dunaliella bardawil plant
Dunaliella bardawil plant Dunaliella bardawil plant
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Nikken Sohonsha Corporation
Nikken Sohonsha sources Dunaliella bardawil exclusively from its wholly-owned company, Nature Beta Technologies (NBT) in Eilat City, Israel. NBT was founded to promote commercial applications of the algal research conducted by Weizmann Institute of Science.

NBT cultivates and harvests Dunaliella bardawil, a remarkable microalgae which thrives in the hostile environment of the Dead Sea.

Dunaliella bardawil is acknowledged to be the richest source of natural beta-carotene in the world as well as containing a wealth of other carotenoids including phytoene. Its unique survival mechanisms are being studied as they may yield further biochemical benefits and agricultural applications.

NBT's plant is the largest and most advanced facility for Dunaliella cultivation in the world, producing a pure paste by centrifugation, which is then spray-dried into powder form.
Nature Beta Technologies