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R & D Tie-ups
Nikken Sohonsha Corporation's dynamic Research & Development is the bedrock of its impeccable record of performance and reputation for quality. NSC R&D gains an edge from collaborations with leading research centres
in the world.

NSC's first product, Chlostanin, was the outcome of 25 years of focused research.NSC succeeded in extracting a lower molecular weighted polysaccharide from the indigestible Chlorella cell wall, enabling Chlorella to be compounded into an easily digestible food product.

NSC is dedicated to studying of microalgae and discovering new applications for human benefit. Apart from its exceptionally pure food and health supplements and skincare products, NSC research has resulted in superior microalgae-based products in various fields such as pharmaceuticals, fertilisers and animal feed. In view of the key role of microalgae in ecological systems and the delicate state of the biosphere today, NSC is also extensively researching the potential benefits of environmental applications.

At present NSC products are based on four microalgae species : Chlorella, Dunaliella, Monodus subterraneus and Isochrysis galbana. Several other species are currently being studied and the formulation of nutritional and health supplements and skincare products from two species Pophyridium cruentum and Phaeodactylum tricormutum is at an advanced stage.