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Nikken Sohonsha Corporation
Nature Beta Technologies

Wonder Care was founded in April 2002 with the purpose of making a contribution towards building a healthy society in India.

India has its own ancient traditional medicinal systems and while there have been great strides in research as well as in processing and harnessing the power of indigenous herbs and plants, much remains to
be done.

In the face of escalating pollution, changing diets, increasing stress and the growing incidence of lifestyle diseases, the immense benefits in embracing the powerful healing and nourishing qualities of microalgae are obvious.

Wonder Care identified Nikken Sohonsha Corporation (NSC), a company with an impeccable record of performance and quality supported by the unstinting effort of their dynamic Research & Development wing. NSC has 121 registered patents in 13 countries with the strictest standards of food
and drug quality control.

Wonder Care is the sole representative of Nikken Sohonsha Corporation in India.